About Polymorphic Games

The Polymorphic Games logo, which is written in black text and two lizards form a double-helix with their tail to make the O in Polymorphic

Polymorphic Games is an interdisciplinary video game development studio based at the University of Idaho. We develop video games, interactive simulations, and visualizations that feature STEM concepts as core mechanics. Our main focus is Evolutionary Games that feature agents that adapt to the player's actions using mathematical models of biological evolution. We also collaborate with many researchers to help them represent their model systems as engaging games, interactive simulations, or dynamic visualizations.

Evolutionary Games

Instead of pre-programming agent behaviors to escalate difficulty, many of our games use populations of agents that evolve specifically to beat players' strategies. Each agent has its own traits that it can pass onto its offspring. After you beat one wave of creatures, the creatures that were the hardest to beat reproduce and you’ll fight their offspring in the next wave. Evolving traits include features like size, speed, damage, resistances, and behavior. We use principles of evolutionary biology to create a model that includes all the components of real evolution — variation, inheritance, selection, and time — just operating at a much faster pace. This creates dynamic enemies that adapt to how YOU play the game.

Our Development Model

We hire extremely talented teams of undergraduate students at the University of Idaho to develop our games. A university setting is the one place where you can find programmers, artists, writers, musicians, marketers, and scientists — everyone you need to make video games with mechanics based on real science. This college community gives us a team that can think outside the box, and it provides a great student experience. Our employees get to build skills in communication, leadership, and collaboration that they take with them when they graduate, all while honing their skills in their own discipline.


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