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Polymorphic Games is an interdisciplinary video game development studio based at the University of Idaho. We develop video games, interactive simulations, and visualizations that feature STEM concepts as core mechanics. Learn more about our studio here.

Outbreak Simulator

Outbreak Simulator is a tool that allows users to simulate the spread of an infectious disease and explore the impact of different disease parameters and interventions. The simulation can be used to promote systems thinking and data science literacy, as users can see how different factors interact to influence the spread of the disease and how data can be used to track, visualize, and understand the outbreak. Outbreak Simulator can be used in educational, research, and public health settings to help people gain a better understanding of infectious disease dynamics and the role of data in managing an outbreak. Learn more about Outbreak Simulator here.

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Thanks to the Science Education Partnership Award (SEPA #R25GM150142) for providing funding for this project.