Our People

Barrie Robison

Dr. Barrie Robison is a Professor of Biological Sciences at the University of Idaho and co-founded Polymorphic Games with Dr. Terry Soule. He studies evolution and adaptation using an unusual mixture of model systems. Over the course of his career, he has conducted research on the genetic basis of quantitative traits in Salmonids, behavioral genomics and adaptation to captivity in zebrafish, and the implementation of evolutionary models in video games. He is also the Director of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Data Sciences (IIDS).

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Terry Soule

Dr. Terry Soule is a Professor of Computer Science at the University of Idaho, current department chair of the Computer Science department at the University of Idaho, and co-founder of Polymorphic Games with Dr. Barrie Robison. His research interests include evolutionary computation, artificial intelligence, genetic algorithms, and evolutionary video games. He is also active in computer science education through teacher training and summer camps.

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Landon Wright

Landon Wright is an alumnus of the University of Idaho and the Creative Director of Polymorphic Games. His specialties are creating 3D models and amazing lighting effects for our games, but he has many other talents too!

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Carson Rueber

Carson Rueber is a third year undergraduate student at the University of Idaho majoring in Computer Science with a minor in French. He is the lead programmer on the Outbreak Simulator project, and has been working for Polymorphic Games since the summer of 2021.

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Jonna Waage

Jonna Waage is a third year undergraduate Computer Science major and Mathematics minor at the University of Idaho. She has been a software developer with Polymorphic Games since the Fall of 2022. Her current focus is the TwinStick project, where she is working on the AI that controls the defensive towers.

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Ava Rummler

Ava Rummler is an MFA Candidate and Instructor of record at the University of Idaho where she practices and teaches design. Her practice focuses on human interaction through different principles of User Experience (UX) design and research. Her professional experience ranges from App Design to Art Direction and she is currently the UX Designer for the TwinStick project. Here, she implements her design and research experiences to create accessible screens for TwinStick players to learn about evolution and data science.

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Kristen Martinet

Kristen Martinet is a PhD candidate in the Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (BCB) program at the University of Idaho. Her research involves the use of video games and web databases as tools for understanding evolution and biodiversity. She has worked with Polymorphic Games on various projects, including analyzing evolutionary predictability in Project Hastur, adding mate selection to Evolvy Bugs (currently unreleased), and helping with outreach and experimental design for Outbreak Simulator.

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Roger Azevedo

Dr. Roger Azevedo is a Professor in the School of Modeling Simulation and Training at the University of Central Florida (UCF). He is the Lead Scientist of the Learning Sciences Cluster and an affiliated faculty member in the departments of Computer Science and Internal Medicine at UCF. His research examines the role of cognitive, metacognitive, affective, and motivational self-regulatory processes during learning with advanced learning technologies (e.g., serious games, intelligent tutoring systems, hypermedia, multimedia, simulations, immersive virtual learning environments). His goal is to understand the complex interactions between humans and intelligent learning systems by using interdisciplinary methods to measure cognitive, metacognitive, emotional, motivational, and social processes and their impact on learning, performance, and transfer.

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Bonnie Swan

Dr. Bonnie Swan is a nationally recognized expert in program evaluation, assessment, and applied social research. She is currently the Director for Program Evaluation and Educational Research Group (PEER), a service center at the University of Central Florida (UCF) where she has been responsible for conducting contract evaluations and research both on campus and with outside agencies and institutions since 2006.

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Daryn Dever

Dr. Daryn Dever is a postdoctoral researcher in the School of Modeling, Simulation, & Training at the University of Central Florida (UCF). Her research focuses on how individuals interact with different elements within advanced learning technologies and their impact on cognition, metacognition, affect, and self-regulatory processes.

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